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One-Click Camera Connection, for a configuration-free AXIS network video device installation



The following is a list of AXIS network cameras and network video encoders which are supporting the One-Click Camera Connection feature.

AXIS M1011*
AXIS M1054*
AXIS M1103 2.8mm
AXIS M1103 6mm
AXIS M1104 2.8mm
AXIS M1104 6mm
AXIS M1113
AXIS M1113-E
AXIS M1114
AXIS M1114-E
AXIS M3011*
AXIS M3014*
AXIS M3113-R
AXIS M3114-R
AXIS M3203*
AXIS M3203-V*
AXIS M3204*
AXIS M3204-V*
AXIS M5013
AXIS M5014
AXIS M7001*
AXIS P1311*
AXIS P1343*
AXIS P1343-E*
AXIS P1344*
AXIS P1344-E *
AXIS P1346*
AXIS P1346-E*
AXIS P1347
AXIS P1347-E
AXIS P3301
AXIS P3301-V
AXIS P3304*
AXIS P3304-V*
AXIS P3343*
AXIS P3343 12mm*
AXIS P3343 6mm*
AXIS P3343-V 12mm*
AXIS P3343-V 6mm*
AXIS P3343-VE*
AXIS P3343-VE 12mm*
AXIS P3343-VE 6mm*
AXIS P3344*
AXIS P3344 12mm*
AXIS P3344 6mm*
AXIS P3344-V 12mm*
AXIS P3344-V 6mm*
AXIS P3344-VE*
AXIS P3344-VE 12mm*
AXIS P3344-VE 6mm *
AXIS P3346*
AXIS P3346-V*
AXIS P3346-VE*
AXIS P5512
AXIS P5512-E
AXIS P5522
AXIS P5522-E
AXIS P5532
AXIS P5532-E
AXIS P5534
AXIS P5534-E
AXIS Q1755*
AXIS Q1755-E*
AXIS Q1910
AXIS Q1910 13mm
AXIS Q1910-E
AXIS Q1910-E 13mm
AXIS Q1921 10mm
AXIS Q1921 19mm
AXIS Q1921-E 10mm
AXIS Q1921-E 19mm
AXIS Q1921-E 35mm
AXIS Q1921-E 60mm
AXIS Q6032
AXIS Q6032-E
AXIS Q6034
AXIS Q6034-E
AXIS Q6035
AXIS Q6035-E
AXIS Q7401*

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing a certain model or have a questing regarding the One-Click Camera connection feature.


* Firmware update necessary. You can request the One-Click firmware directly from 1000eyes.



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